Iyo Shima's Akoya pearl

Pearl King Mikimoto Yukichi decided to protect and propagate the pearl oyster shell which was overfished to take natural pearls at the hometown Ise Shima Sea and further decided to cultivate pearls, In 1893 (Meiji 26) I succeeded in culturing pearls for the first time in the world. After that, Ise Shima pearl became synonymous with the world's luxury pearl. Japan's world-class "Akoya pearl". In the pearl indispensable to jewelry, Akoya pearls produced from the Japanese seasons and craftsmen's technology are rated as gloss and hues most beautiful. Akoya pearl jewelry What is said about the charm of the elegance and gentleness. The Akoya pearl is a rare from buyers all over the world seeking "rolling" "auri" "shaped" that creates the best glow It is weighted.